Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents

When an accident involves bicyclists and/or pedestrians struck by automobiles, it can result in horrific and catastrophic injuries. At our firm, our attorneys recognize that such accidents require a specialized level of detail in handling 1) the cause of the accident, 2) the evidence, and 3) the statements of witnesses. The victims of bicycle or pedestrian crashes can struggle with severe injuries where they are no longer able to handle their normal day to day lives. That is where our team of attorneys, experts, and litigation strategists come in and help you fight against the insurance companies for what you deserve.


Our attorneys gather the facts, document the claim, reconstruct the accident, and consult with experts in the field when necessary to assist family members in handling the injured person’s affairs, so the injured person can focus on recovering from a catastrophic bicycle or pedestrian accident. We work with our clients with empathy and care to prioritize personalized service for every client.

In many cases of bicycle or pedestrian accidents, the police department will conclude their investigation and assign fault without a thorough investigation or reconstruction. In some instances where the police report places fault on you, you have rights to fight it and we are here to help!

Insurance companies typically waive the police report in the faces of people who are at fault in an effort to intimidate them to not bring a claim. However, in most instances the police report is INADMISSIBLE IN COURT! As such, skillful legal counsel who begin to work on your case early in the process is crucial for injured bicyclists or pedestrians who may not be able to speak for themselves.

Our firm will approach your bicycle or pedestrian accident case with skill, knowledge of the laws pertaining to our roadways, sidewalks, and crosswalks, and the experience to properly compensate you for your injuries. We will help guide you, or your family through the complicated process of treatment and recovery, and maximize the value of your injury claim.

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