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 Whether you’re a passenger, driver, or another motor vehicle involved in an accident with a ridesharing company vehicle, consult with our attorneys and protect your rights!

Rideshare companies, like Uber and Lyft have evolved policies which can create confusion as to who is responsible for your injuries. Remember, they are powerful corporations, which are profit driven, so when it comes to paying for your injuries, they typically devalue your claim to save money for the company. If you are injured involving a rideshare vehicle, you should hire a rideshare attorney who is experienced in handling claims against Uber and Lyft. Our attorneys have successfully handled numerous Uber and Lyft cases and gained maximum compensation.


Rideshare companies are companies that use smartphone apps to connect freelance drivers, who use their personal vehicles, to transport passengers to their desired destinations. This is typically called a “gig employment” where the traditional employer-employee relationship does not exist. As such, the general laws which protect the general public from employers or employees’ actions are blurred. Since there is no employer-employee relationship, the drivers of the vehicles are considered independent contractors. However, when the drivers accept a call from a consumer, they are under the umbrella of the corporation insurance policy.

As you can see, getting into an accident with an Uber or Lyft can get complicated fast. Therefore, it is important to call our attorneys to help you guide through the complex issues and obtain the compensation you deserve.   

With the growing popularity of Uber and LYFT due to the simplicity of use, convenience, and price, accidents are bound to occur. Although the new ridesharing technology has made it easy to request a ride, like all new technology, there are also serious issues about how these companies operate, hire and vet their drivers, and how they protect their customers in the event of an accident.


The short answer is No. Commercial transportation vehicles, such as taxis, must be covered through strict state policies governed by their state, and must possess the proper licensing by the state and some city municipalities. Since laws have been created that regulate the way app-based rideshare companies are insured, vehicles used by Uber and Lyft are not considered commercial vehicles, and are not subjected to the same requirements and governmental oversight.


In Orange county, Los Angeles County, and many other cities in America, have passed laws requiring rideshare companies to have at least a $1 million insurance policy. However, it is important to note that the coverage does not take effect until the rideshare driver pushes the button on their smartphone and accepts the ride request.

That’s why it is important to talk to our attorneys and see which insurance policy took effect at the time of your accident. For example, if you are sitting in a rideshare vehicle where the driver has not accepted the ride, or prematurely ended the ride with you still in the vehicle, you may not be covered by the rideshare insurance policy.

Further, if you have been struck by a vehicle with a rideshare sticker in the window, this may not mean that the rideshare insurance is in effect. In that situation, the driver must possess their own personal insurance on the vehicle. However, as we have found not all drivers possess the required personal insurance independent of the Rideshare insurance!

Every situation and Rideshare accident is different, and requires proper investigation! As such, your best option would be to contact our Rideshare attorneys so your rights are protected.

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